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My Pastel Workshops
My fun and relaxing workshops take place in the fabulous setting of Glasfryn Hall, North Wales, with its splendid views of the Clwydian hills. I'm lucky enough to call this fine country house my 'home' and it's also where you'll find my studio and Oriel Glasfryn Gallery, one of the leading art and craft galleries in Wales and the place where most of my work is displayed.

Situated in historic Caerwys, the venue is just 4 minutes from the A55 North Wales Expressway, meaning that it is easily accessible from all of north and mid-Wales, Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire. Flint mainline station (direct trains from London) is 20 minutes away.

I offer two types of workshop; one for beginners and one for people with some previous experience of using pastels. The maximum group size is six.

Alternatively, you might prefer to gather a group of friends and book a private workshop, or even have some one-to-one tuition.

Beginners Workshop

Discover pastels and then use them to create your own masterpiece! 

In my beginners workshop, I'll introduce you to pastels and talk you through some of the basic techniques for using them. You'll then complete your own painting, working from photographs that I'll provide. I'll paint from the front and you'll follow me step-by-step.

At the end of the day we'll set your painting in a mount and send you away with a goody bag.

Everything you need for the workshop is provided, including professional standard artist's materials, lunch and refreshments. 

This workshop is ideal for people with:


  • limited or no artistic experience

  • experience of other media but new to pastels*

  • some experience of pastels but would like to go through the basics first

Improvers Workshop

We'll spend the day completing a painting together from photographs. The painting that we'll be completing on a particular day is shown on the booking page.

You can follow me step-by-step or express your artistic freedom; however, there will be limited introduction to the basic tecniques at the beginning. It'll be assumed that you know these already and we'll get more or less straight into the painting. Having said that, my workshops are very conversational in style so there will be plenty of opportunity for questions, 'side projects' and demonstrations as we go along.

Everything you need for the workshop is provided, including professional standard artist's materials, lunch and refreshments. You are welcome to bring your own pastels if you have any.

You don't need to be super-experienced or talented to do my improvers workshop but it is designed for people:

  • confident enough to use pastels without being introduced to the basic techniques first*

  • who've already been on one of my beginners workshops

* I use soft pastels. If you have worked with hard pastels (pencils and crayons) but are new to soft pastels I strongly recommend you start with a beginners workshop. They are very different media!


Private Group Workshop

If you fancy a fun day learning how to paint with pastels alongside a group of friends or family, a private booking might be the thing for you. The workshop can be tailored to your needs. The minimum group size is 4 and the maximum is 6. The price is just £90 p.p. Everything is provided, including materials, lunch and refreshments.

Private Tuition

I also offer private tuition here at Glasfryn Hall, or at your own home. This is tailored to your own wishes and includes all materials and light refreshments. Lunch is included if you book a full day.

The price for one-to-one tuition is £50 an hour, reduced to £45 if you book 6 hours or more. The minimum session length is two hours.

If you'd like to bring someone else (one-to-two tuition), the price is £70 an hour, reduced to £60 if you book six hours or more.

Important Things to Note

Please take time to read the Terms and Conditions before you book, especially the cancellation policy. Due to an increasing number of last minute cancellations I've had to become strict about applying this. 

Lastly, be advised that we use 'soft' pastels in the workshops. These do create airborne dust. Most participants won't even notice it but if dust is likely to be a problem for you then I can provide a mask. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this before booking.

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