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About Me

I'm a self taught pastel artist specialising in capturing the stunning beauty of the North Wales landscape. I was born in Aberystwyth and now live in Caerwys, Flintshire. After a career in the charity sector, I became a full-time professional artist in 2018.

I can often be found in the mountains at dawn or dusk, where the light is at its most dramatic. Twilight and the 'magic hour' offers a space in-between. A moment of peace and time to reflect and assess the day that's been or the day ahead. Walking in the mountains alone and in the dark is one of the most ethereal experiences I know.

Dave Roberts Artist painting with pastels

My work is the antithesis of how most people would imagine a pastel painting to be; they are bold and vivid with lots of detail.
Customers appreciate the almost photographic quality of some pieces. Dramatic skies and water feature heavily.

My work can be found in collections across the UK.

I'm a member of the North Wales Society of Fine Art and Wirral Society of Arts.

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