I'd be delighted to complete a unique and personal painting for you or as a gift for someone you know. This might be your (or their) favourite view. Of course, it doesn't have to be in North Wales.

I'm willing to consider painting from your own photograph(s) but please don't be offended if I say 'no' as 9 times out of 10 not I'll prefer to visit the location myself, so that I can get proper inspiration. With that in mind, I'd appreciate as much notice as possible, particularly as the vagaries of the British weather mean it can be a long time before the conditions are right.

You can get an idea of prices here. I'm always more than happy to chat through ideas with you, with absolutely no commitment on your part! You can contact me here.


Here are some examples of recent commissions: 


"North Wales coast from Parkgate" (84 x 60 cm). The customer wanted me to paint the view from their home

Ogwen Valley.jpg

"Ogwen Valley" (32 x 24 cm). The customer commissioned this as a gift for a work colleague. The scene is from a day's walking together.

20190927_183708 Cropped.jpg
20190928_105316 Cropped.jpg
20190928_110204 Cropped.jpg

"Vale of Clwyd" (triptych, each image 75 x 21 cm). The customer commissioned me to paint the 180 degree view from the hills behind their home

Snowdon over Llyn Llydaw.JPG

"Snowdon Over Llyn Llydaw" (65 x 40 cm). The customer liked a painting that had been sold so asked if I could paint a similar scene for them at a smaller size.

Shropshire Lake.jpg

"Lake at Sunset" (21 x 30 cm). The customer wanted a painting of the lake where they spent many happy days with their family


"Craster" (40 x 65 cm). I don't only paint North Wales! This is the beautiful harbour at Craster, Northumberland, painted as a wedding anniversary present

Harlech Beach.jpg

"Harlech Beach" (42 x 80 cm). The customer commissioned this famous view of the beach from the top of the "zig-zag" walk