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Commission Pricing

I can create your painting at any size you like, which could be important if you have a specific wall space in mind! However, to give you an idea here are some prices based on standard paper sizes. Bear in mind that this is the size of the image; you will need to add on the width of the mounts and frame when measuring up for that special spot on the wall.
Note that these prices are for guidance only, as many things can influence the cost of producing your painting. As soon as we agree what it is that you would like me to paint, I will quote you a final price.

An A4 size painting (30 x 21 cm) is £425 unframed.
An A3 size painting (42 x 30 cm) is £650 unframed.
An A2 size painting (60 x 42 cm) is £975 unframed.
An A1 size painting (84 x 60 cm) is £1,475 unframed.

These prices are for painting reasonably accessible locations in North Wales (broadly speaking this means Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy, Wrexham, Flintshire or Denbighshire) and where there is no immediate urgency, or for painting from your own photograph(s). For other locations, or where you need your painting quickly, I will quote you for the additional time and travel costs.

Regarding framing, I can either get that done for you (I would talk through the options with you and ony bill you for what my framer charges me), or you can get it framed yourself. This is usually the best option if you live some distance from my studio as there is always a risk of breakage when shipping framed paintings. In fact, I can ship directly to a framer near you and liaise with them as required.

Just get in touch if you would like to find out more or make an initial enquiry.

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