Latest on our new gallery.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I've been more than a bit lazy and it's been over two months since my last blog post. Granted I've moved house, am busy planning for the new gallery and have been producing new paintings to fill it but that's no excuse. So it's high time for an update.

We're nicely settled into our new home, Glasfryn Hall in lovely Caerwys (the biggest house in the smallest town in Britain - that must be some sort of claim to fame?).

The plan is to create convert and extend an outbuilding into a 1000 sq/ft permanent gallery that will sell my own work alongside that of other local artists. We would also like to open up the house for special exhibitions three or four times a year.

Work on the house has been pretty straightforward. We've re-decorated, a hanging system is installed, we've sorted out the lighting, bought and fixed up display cabinets and we've even got walls full of 60+ paintings.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been quite as much progress on the permanent gallery.

It's the planning process that has been holding us up. There are no complications or issues (as far as we are aware) but it is just taking forever. We submitted our application in April and were told to expect a decision within the usual 8-weeks. However, here we are 15 weeks and two missed deadlines later and there is still not an inkling as to when we might hear something.