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Caring for your painting

Your original pastel painting should last as long as those created in any other medium. In fact, it should last longer because it will not crack and pastels are not mixed with other chemicals that can cause fading or discolouration. Adhere to the following and it will be around for centuries to come:

  • if you ever decide to re-frame it, use glass. Acrylic substitutes can create static that draws pastel particles off the painting and onto the back of the glazing, which doesn't look good. Additionally, you should use thick or double mounts so that there is a gap between the painting and glass.


  • as with any painting, avoid hanging in it direct sunlight, as this will cause fading

  • likewise, don’t hang paintings in places prone to damp, excessive moisture or heat. I recommend attaching self-adhesive felt pads to the back of the frame to create an air-circulation gap between the wall and the back of the picture. I can provide these.

  • if you do need to take the painting out of its frame, don't touch the unprotected surface as I don't use fixatives and it will smudge easily 

  • avoid heavy knocks or carrying the painting in a horizontal ‘glass downwards’ position, as this may cause pastel particles to drop onto the glass or mount

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